Delivering robust and reliable software solutions to customers in Nordics since 2018.

We are passionate builders of tomorrow’s innovative digital experience. Empowered with the latest tools; our end-to-end tailored solutions are designed to fit the needs of the Real-estate, Retail, Hospitality and Event industries.

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SERVICE WE OFFER For Smart Businesses who want to work Smarter.

We offer end-to-end agile software development services to businesses across the globe.

We have provided solutions for specialised business areas. You can build your solution on top of our existing platforms, customise ready modules or build it from scratch. We do third-party API integrations as well as provide our APIs to be integrated in other web services.


Our Resimator prop-tech platform has 17+ modules and 46+ API services. The solution helps stakeholders to automate communication and service management tasks. We have a flexible and scalable solution. You can build your Real-tech platform from scratch or on top of our existing platforms and modules. We have integrated a bunch of external services, such as: VISMA Fivaldi, NETs, Vipps, Stripe, Xledger, Finestra, FamacWeb, etc.

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We specialise in building self-service kiosks and digital signage solutions. Our own product is being used in the Nordics. You can manage your self-service Kiosk devices using our CMS, schedule and deploy applications remotely. We have ready-made features such as: Product & inventory management, restaurant management, card and mobile payment, sms and receipt print, Sales & Order management and reporting (x-report, z-report, monthly & yearly).

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We provide solutions for online or in-store consumer experience. We can build an ecommerce solution or an innovative touch and digital signage solution. By using intelligent data, you can customise your digital ads for better in-store conversion. Resimator can help you to design various solutions that can keep you ahead of your competitors. On top of that, we already have ready solutions, and our services are available for third-party integrations.

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Events & Webinar

Are you looking for an open-source alternative to Zoom or Teams, which can integrate to various third-party services you use to keep your data in one place or automate your processes? Well, we at Resimator have already built solutions on top of open source technologies, such as: JITSI, JANUS, Mediasoup, etc. We can also add important features such as payments, calendar services, event management and integrate with chat clients, etc.

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Our dev practices
Quality-driven agile development process for better transparency and flexibility.

Phase 1

Requirement analysis

Phase 2

Design & Prototyping

Phase 3

Software Development

Phase 4

Build delivery

Phase 5

Customer Support &Updates

Requirement analysis Phase 1 Design & Prototyping Phase 2 Phase 3 Phase 4 Phase 5 Software Development Deployment Support & maintenance
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WHAT WE OFFER Crafting Unique technologies

Service Design Support &Maintenance SoftwareDevelopment
Service Design
We, at Resimator, embrace user-centered design philosophy. That involves a collaborative process of gathering data and working together to determine a strategic direction to a proposed solution. We do cognitive exercises to understand customer's needs and address them through the iterative design prototypes - termed as user experience design (UX). Once the service design goals are met, our designers will focus on adding aesthetics to user interface design.
Software Development
We follow an agile, test driven software development process. We understand that every project offers a unique set of challenges, and we love them. Software development mostly involves design, code, test and deployment. Our DevOps model enables our developers to efficiently perform and achieve goals.
Support &Maintenance
We ensure that your software is maintained to perform at peak. We prioritize monitoring software performance, load, security logs and reliability issues to keep track of its optimal performance. We offer dedicated resources to handle bug fixing, production releases, cloud support, etc.

WHY RESIMATOR? Why Choose Resimator
as Your service provider?

We add value to your business by improving your existing software solutions or transforming your business to a new user-centric digital experience.

We are focused and specialise in building solutions for Real-estate, Retail, Hospitality and Events industries. On top of that, we have our own platforms and products which are within the scope of our specialisation.
Feedback & communication

We deeply value our customer’s feedback. In order to achieve common goals, efficient communication needs between our clients and support resources are maintained.

Honest Pricing

We offer transparent and flexible pricing to our service and products which fits projects of all sizes. We keep track of our tasks and events in JIRA which can be accessed by our client.

Our development approach

We are agile software consultants. We work in sprints and our customers are updated daily, weekly and bi-weekly basis. We follow our own DevOps guidelines and processes. The clients are onboarded during project kick-off .

Product & Support

We provide end-to-end product development; which involves idea iteration, ui/ux design, code, testing, deployment, maintenance and support. The source code for custom solutions is always owned by the client, deployed and maintained in the client's cloud environment. We also provide ongoing maintenance and support.

Technologies & Tools

We follow the latest trends and tools in software development and constantly update our stack and DevOps. We use various cloud tools for project management, source code maintenance, CI/CD pipelines, automated testing, API documentation, developer documentation, etc.

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