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In recent decades we have witnessed the widespread manifesto of Property Management automation through the cloud-based software.

Meanwhile, property managers are still facing several problems in managing their renters and properties. There is a lack of the prompt and robust communication channel between the renters, housing companies, and their service providers.

100% focused on providing a solution that meets and anticipates every need for streamlined property management.

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Resimator has over 18 different modules and 40+ API services. Resimator is available in web and mobile platforms. Currently, we are expanding our integration works with other third-party API services.

Resimator is the modern and comprehensive property management solution, built with the innovation on behalf of every aspect of property management that significantly lowers the communication overhead between different services required for the smooth running of properties.

Giving a cloud-based product that streamlines and modernise the way of property management.

With our platform, every property information and services can be streamlined and organised within a single system. Property Owners/Managers can quickly and easily access the information they need and help their renters in possible real time. In short, the property manager can deliver improved renters services with greater efficiency..

Our sustainable solution will always make owners-renters relationship harmonious; creating the best ecosystem to deal with every property - related problems.

What we value

Long-term success in property management with a great and innovative product.

Revolutionise business with technology that influences property management.

Customer’s profitability with automation and customisation.

Unique infrastructure for a seamless communication experience for your workforces and renters.

Improved customer experience with tech-enabled customer service.

Meet the Team

Barun Bashyal

Administration, Tech Architect

Rupesh Manandhar

Senior backend engineer

Hari Shrestha

Tech Lead, Full Stack

Anlisha Maharjan

Full stack developer