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Custom Service

Dynamic and multi-functional, multi-stakeholder ticket/support platform. Cross-platform..

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Screen CMS Solution

The modern, powerful and innovative way of creating, enriching and delivering the contents across the digital screens remotely, through the digital signage CMS..

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Facility Management Solution

Dynamic modules management option so that the user can customise their subscription. Also, provides installable module packages. Assuming that Resimator must be tailored according to wide range requirements of our customers, modules can be customised and managed/installed..

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Property Management Solution

Easily create/list/update/delete branches of the organisation. Setup and handle multiple branches individually if required..

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IOT & AI Management Solution

Onboard and manage property-related data along with the flexibility of adding multiple property units. Also, managing multiple property management branches.

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Hospitality Management Solution

Create, configure and customise the subscription according to your requirements..

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Third Party Integration

Tenant dashboard, Tenant on-boarding, filter feature, contract validity, manage services for the individual tenant, notification, messaging, ticket, other analytics, etc..

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