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Automation is the second brain of any businesses today and Property Management as well as Hospitality Management do not belong to an exception.

Generally and even now, real-estate companies and hospitality management businesses have been using traditional tools as means of information transmission. We found lack of data management, unsatisfied tenants, lack of pre-inspection and post-inspection data, recommendation tools, lack of service management and unprecedented loss on human resources. Lack of one focused solution, SMEs today are forced to purchase multiple solutions to solve their modular needs. As a result, the solution are expensive and unsupportable; and most importantly uncustomizable as per need.

Resimator - Residence Management Automator, being “automation” as the core vision and focus stood out against all odds to provide one solution which is not only modular/customizable but is intended to fix core problems implementing cutting edge technologies supported by AI/Machine Learning.

Property business has grown rapidly in last few years in Finland due to increase urbanization and expansion of core cities. According to Statistics Finland, property transaction volume reached to 7,4 billion euros and residential construction is expected to raise by 10% since 2016. At the same time, according to; Finland welcomes around 8,3 million visitors every year with significant growth among Asian tourists. This results in over 14 billion euros/year revenue.

Both industries are in dire need of automation and effective digitalization when it comes to resource, service and communication management. We “Resimator” are working in building a one stop solution and hence becoming the market leader in Europe and outside.

Resimator is currently funded by its own team. We are in advance discussion with TEKES for Tempo funding. We are also looking for Seed Investor and Advisors in this field from Finland and abroad. If you are interested to get your pitch-deck or hear more, please contact us by clicking the link below.


  1. Property Management

    July, 2018

    Sales Team Onboarding + Schooling

  2. Property Management

    Aug, 2018

    Phase-1 development

  3. Property Management

    Sep, 2018

    Pre Sales Activities / Lead Generation

  4. Property Management

    Jan, 2019

    Sales Activities Closing Pre-sales lead/ New Lead Generation

  5. Property Management

    Feb, 2019

    Phase 2.0 development

  6. Hospitality Management

    Feb, 2019

    Phase 1.0 development start

  7. Property/Hospitality Management

    Mar, 2019

    Sales activities and new team on-boarding contd.