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In recent decades we have witnessed the widespread manifesto of housing automation and the concept of smart housing. Meanwhile, housing companies are still facing several problems in managing their tenants and properties. Clearly, there is lack of the prompt and robust communication channel between the residents, housing companies, and their service providers. As remedy, we are developing modern and comprehensive housing management solution that significantly lowers the communication overhead between different services required for smooth running of the residential properties.

We, Resimator {Residence Management Automator}, provide a fully Integrated Housing Management Solution designed to manage all key process for a modern housing organization. Our product aims to bring all the parties involved in the residential sector (i.e. housing company, real estates, tenants and service providers) to a common communication channel and automate the services within. We provide Web and Mobile Applications for tenants and housing managers, which supports Housing Management and Repairs & Asset Management.

Using our platform, housing information and services can be organized within a single system. Managers/Property Managers can quickly and easily access the information they need and help their tenants in possible real time. In short, housing property manager can deliver improved tenant services with greater efficiency.

Our sustainable solution will always make landlord-tenants relationship harmonious; creating the best ecosystem to deal with the housing-related problems.
We are providing opportunity for everyone to be the smart resident of the smart house.

Bringing Automation to your Property Management and Hospitality Services.

Resimator will lead the way to the future of automation in Property Management and Hospitality Services. We want to be a model for Property Management and Hospitality Services. We believe that we need simpler services rather than complicated ones. We aim to fulfill the urges of AI and Beacons technology in those areas.

We automate your Property Management and Hospitality Services.

Our goal is to basically alleviate the delay propagation between different services involved in the smooth running of the residential facility. We are introducing all in one communication channel for housing company, real estate, tenant and service providers involved in residential block and automate the services within. We aim to provide services that meets the demand of the modern housing and make them interactive with introduction to interactive digital signage boards. Our services are targeted to fulfil the human resource deficiency in the housing management sector through automation and future AI extension. It also targets to build the information bank and help housing companies to serve customers with real time information exchange.