Solution Building custom event and webinar solution
Using open-source technologies

The Covid19 pandemic has led remote work to become the new norm. Several webinar and event platforms have emerged as enabling tools for businesses towards remote work & event management In fact, remote-work has increased by 159% since 2009 (source: Global workplace analytics).

Resimator helps businesses to build custom webinar and event management solutions on top of open-source technologies, like JITSI. We have also previously built solutions on top of other premium platforms - Twilio, Ant Media, Amazon Chime, ApsaraVideo Live etc.

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Service Building custom white-label solution with us

Resimator has already built its own JITSi based webinar and event management solution - (planned for release in 2022). The solution’s modular approach allows our customers to pick modules already built and build completely white-label self-hosted solutions. It is also possible to integrate with third-party API services, such as: payment gateways, calendar booking (calendly, google calendar, microsoft outlook), document management and chat platforms.

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How can Resimator help to build your solution?

Consulting & Requirement Analysis Customised solution Third-party integration

Consulting & Requirement Analysis

We analyse the requirement for the need of custom webinar & event management solutions, and help our customers to answer the “Why?”. The ideation and iteration process helps understanding the technical requirements and hence the right infrastructure can be set up.

Customised solution

We help you to build localised and custom webinar and chat interfaces according to your use-cases. You can get white-label solutions where your brand & identity are reflected in the solution which you serve to your customers.

Third-party integration

The webinar & event management solution, in most cases require various third party integrations. For example: if you sell online live consulting services, you may need integration to your calendar booking, you may also require customers to pay for your services, you may want to send email with links to webinar & event assets, etc. Notable third party integrations: Stripe, Google calendar, outlook calendar, Livechat, Intercom, Zappier, Mailchimp, Calendly, etc.

API Services

As a stand-alone platform with different modules & API services

Our software development services provide industry specific solutions that aligns people, processes and systems to scale your business.


Interactive Webinar Room

Feature-rich webinar platform for providing quality and engaging conversation with your customer.


Improve your service offerings, webinar, and event quality through our real-time reporting modules.


Customize the widget by adding your brand, service offerings, webinars, upcoming and ongoing events.

Service Management

Onboard your services and consultants and plan your schedules accordingly.

Operation Dashboards

An easy-to-use operations dashboard that can be managed by users.

Web Integration

Integrate with dozens of popular apps such as Google calendar, Outlook calendar, Facebook, Zapier, Slack, YouTube, HubSpot, and much more.


Send professional invoicing immediately with just a click.

Project Management

Keep track of your task, set priorities, and other deadlines.

Time tracking

Smartly manage your time and task in the calendar itself.

Resource Scheduling

Manage your schedule on an integrated interactive calendar.

Additional Integration
3rd Party API

Technology Technology Around us

Mobile App (Android, iOS, Tizen)

- React Native

- Flutter


- React

- Angular


- Laravel

- Node.js



- Azure

- Google Engine

Project Management & Documentation

JIRA - Project Management

Confluence - Documentation

Slack or Mattermost - Communication

Swagger - API documentation

CI/CD - Bitbucket pipeline, Github

Other tools - Dockers, Kubernetes

Third-party API Integrations

- Accounting, Payments, IOT platforms, AI platforms, AWS, Google cloud, etc.

Devices and platforms

- Mobile

- Tablet

- Samsung Kiosks

- Elo Kiosks

- Desktop

- Web

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Other service that we provide Enterprise software solutions
powered by industry driven tech


Our Resimator prop-tech platform has 17+ modules and 46+ API services. The solution helps stakeholders to automate communication and service management tasks. We have a flexible and scalable solution. You can build your Real-tech platform from scratch or on top of our existing platforms and modules. We have integrated a bunch of external services, such as: VISMA Fivaldi, NETs, Vipps, Stripe, Xledger, Finestra, FamacWeb, etc.

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We specialise in building self-service kiosks and digital signage solutions. Our own product is being used in the Nordics. You can manage your self-service Kiosk devices using our CMS, schedule and deploy applications remotely. We have ready-made features such as: Product & inventory management, restaurant management, card and mobile payment, sms and receipt print, Sales & Order management and reporting (x-report, z-report, monthly & yearly).

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We provide solutions for online or in-store consumer experience. We can build an ecommerce solution or an innovative touch and digital signage solution. By using intelligent data, you can customise your digital ads for better in-store conversion. Resimator can help you to design various solutions that can keep you ahead of your competitors. On top of that, we already have ready solutions, and our services are available for third-party integrations.

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