Solution Build your next real-tech solution on top of Resimator’s ready platform

Resimator’s property management platform provides integration ready communication and service management modules and APIs. We have built prop-tech solutions for clients in Norway and Finland already, and have integrated different third-party solutions - Visma Fivaldi, Xledger, Finestra, FamacWeb, Stripe, etc.

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Service Resimator as a Service

Resimator helps Real Estate and Property Management companies to build completely white-label solutions on top of existing Resimator’s platform and modules. We can also build completely customised solutions based on your requirements and needs.

We have also provided a wide range of integration services with other third-party APIs - Visma, Xledger, Vipps, Finestra, FamacWeb, Stripe, Procountor, etc.

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What we offer How to build your next prop-tech solution with us?

Module BasedCustom Solution White-label existingResimator platform Support &Maintenance
Resimator has 17+ integration ready communication and service management modules. You can pick the modules you need and build your platform. You can also uninstall the modules at any time. Resimator offers a flexible and scalable solution to your business.
Resimator offers a completely custom and white-label solution, which can be built on top of the Resimator platform. This can speed up the development and delivery of your product. On top of that, we can offer you excellent developer documentation, cloud deployment and onboarding facilities. If you need our further support, that can be agreed in a separate SLA.
Resimator provides after delivery support and maintenance service in an ongoing contract or with a new SLA. We can provide you dedicated or time-based support resources. We offer our client with support tools, such as: JIRA, Confluence and our own project & developer documentation app. We can work with your in-house team, or onboard and train them during project ownership or development switch.

API Services

Resimator as a stand-alone ready platform

Resimator property management platform has ready out-of-box modules to automate communication and service management tasks of all stakeholders in the business. The platform supports multi-tenancy architecture. It also provides access to its own dashboard and management portal for tenants, managers, service providers, admins, board, etc. in web and mobile platforms.



Automate the flow of ticket, communication and services between stakeholders by creating multiple workflows.


Onboard new rental tenant or owner tenant, and provide access to their own dashboard. Check the tickets, notifications, messages, keep notes, documents, analytics, etc. on tenant’s activity and contracts.


Create or announce events to stakeholders using a calendar widget in your organization by selecting different filters, such as - all stakeholders, housing companies, properties, board, tenants only, etc.


Create and manage internal services and bookings. For example: parking, laundry, sauna, swimming pool, etc. Generate reports for usage by residents or other stakeholders.


Administer all dynamic module configuration capabilities. Also available are: language translation, tickets, property, service, etc. configuration.


Internal document management system, manage access rights and permission while sharing the documents. Other features - download or upload, quick view, lock/unlock, review & approve, e-sign using TUPAS or BankID, etc.


Core and dynamic, multi functional ticketing system built specifically for real-estate management use cases. Handle multi-stakeholders communication, internal & external support platform, connects to task manager and other internal modules. Core features - create, forward, attach image, reply, progress bar, resolve, decline, opening or resolve rate, etc.


Automate creating and managing regulated or general maintenance tasks, manage schedules, notification, event through calendar widget. Available across cross platforms. Integrated with other inbuilt modules, such as - messaging, inspection, ticketing, etc.

Housing Company

Onboarding housing company details, board members, owners, ownership details, etc. Integrated to Fivaldi to receive other important financial information. Also, you can onboard property units, like buildings, apartments, property manager details, and other important information about the property residents should know. Supports multi-tenancy.


Onboard unlimited number of different users on the platform. For example: Internal employees, Administrators, service providers, etc. Assign roles to the users.


Create and manage dynamic roles based on different permission levels to particular modules. For example, you can create a support desk role to provide access to users only to a service desk module.


Resimator provides you with dynamic module management features. You can install/uninstall or update modules available to you based on your subscription.

Service desk

Resimator’s service desk provides key features; such as - integrable chat widget with support to audio and video communication, automatica messages, create service labels, administer active hours, support to work with multiple support desk users at the same time, chat analytics and reports, create ticket from chat history, etc.


Easy and interactive property or apartment inspection templates can be created and shared with inspectors and tenants. Once the inspections are completed, you can also generate PDF reports. If the reports suggest maintenance are required, you can easily create either maintenance tasks or new tickets in the same flow.


Announce important notices to specific housing companies, board, owners, residents, etc. The notices can also be delivered as a text message, push message in the app or through display screens.


Resimator provides an internal messaging channel for smooth communication between stakeholders. Message box consists of inbox, sent, draft, message templates, group messaging, possibility for sending attachments, interaction data, etc.


Resimator provides Signage Content Management System which enables you to onboard any android, WebOS, tizen powered smart screens to the cloud. Onboarded screens can be remotely managed for displaying contents. Our solution also supports third party API integration and you can play dynamic content showing real-time data and information.

Additional Integration
3rd Party API

Technology Technology Around us

Mobile App (Android, iOS, Tizen)

- React Native

- Flutter


- React

- Angular


- Laravel

- Node.js



- Azure

- Google Engine

Project Management & Documentation

JIRA - Project Management

Confluence - Documentation

Slack or Mattermost - Communication

Swagger - API documentation

CI/CD - Bitbucket pipeline, Github

Other tools - Dockers, Kubernetes

Third-party API Integrations

- Accounting, Payments, IOT platforms, AI platforms, AWS, Google cloud, etc.

Devices and platforms

- Mobile

- Tablet

- Samsung Kiosks

- Elo Kiosks

- Desktop

- Web

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PROJECT REFERENCE We are glad to showcase you some of our success stories

Myldre Property Management platform

How Malling AS built their property management platform, Myldre from scratch with us?

Malling AS and CO., Norway based real-estate company wanted to build an ERP solution from scratch which would meet their challenges of keeping communication, documentation and service management in one place. Currently, the platform is in use in production and we have been providing continuous support.

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Other service that we provide Enterprise software solutions
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We specialise in building self-service kiosks and digital signage solutions. Our own product is being used in the Nordics. You can manage your self-service Kiosk devices using our CMS, schedule and deploy applications remotely. We have ready-made features such as: Product & inventory management, restaurant management, card and mobile payment, sms and receipt print, Sales & Order management and reporting (x-report, z-report, monthly & yearly).

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We provide solutions for online or in-store consumer experience. We can build an ecommerce solution or an innovative touch and digital signage solution. By using intelligent data, you can customise your digital ads for better in-store conversion. Resimator can help you to design various solutions that can keep you ahead of your competitors. On top of that, we already have ready solutions, and our services are available for third-party integrations.

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Events and Webinars

Are you looking for an open-source alternative to Zoom or Teams, which can integrate to various third-party services you use to keep your data in one place or automate your processes? Well, we at Resimator have already built solutions on top of open source technologies, such as: JITSI, JANUS, Mediasoup, etc. We can also add important features such as payments, calendar services, event management and integrate with chat clients, etc.

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