Automatic intelligent checkout and smart canteen

Maifood challenges the existing business model and customer journey. Maifood improves sustainability, food waste. logistics, and ordering. Using artificial intelligence and machine learning we give you a solution that creates new revenue streams. Maifood is a product of Norway based company, Izy AS and is expected to be fully released during September, 2021.

What is Maifood?
Maifood replaces your traditional cash-register and human cost with a fully automated checkout solution. It uses Setpoint AI image recognition and google image database to automatically detect food and beverages and enable frictionless self checkout. The whole process takes less than 2s to complete. Maifood challenges the existing customer journey, operational models and improves sustainability in workforce and food waste by using AI/ML technology. You can also find more information on Maifood in its own website:
What did Resimator offer?

Kiosk App for canteen customers

Resimator was involved right from the inception of the project. That means, it took part in validating and helping to generate project requirements, building customer journeys, etc. We built an intuitive user interface and user experience of the platform through multiple iterations with the client. Kiosk App was written in popular front-end technologies such as - React. Kiosk App is used by customers ordering food, and Chef who is onboarding food images to train the AI model.

Scalable Web service, APIs and dashboards

Resimator helped to build a complete backend solution for Maifood from scratch. It included building modules and submodules, creating APIs, testing & deploying, integrating other third-party APIs, etc. The backend tech stack used is Laravel, an open-source popular PHP framework. Notable third-party integrations were- payment (IZY, VIPPS, Verifone for payment terminal), Food database (, Setpoint AI (image recognition), Google image database (food image database), etc. Resimator developed dynamic multi-user individual or organizational dashboards, which were accessible based on roles and permission. For example: Dashboards for Admin, Employee, Sitemanager, Canteen Manager, Content manager, etc.
Readiness of third-party APIs

The third-party APIs provided were not fully functional. Hence, it was significantly affecting our work during backend integration.

Hardware availability

The self-service kiosk with camera was not available during the start of the project. This was delayed in the testing image recognition part.

Demo release stretch

Since, third-party APIs were not available on time, some of the modules could not be fully functional in the platform. Hence, it was delayed in demo releases. That means the customer’s feedbacks came late.

Key Challenges and takeaways

A challenging project which lifted us as a team

AI driven self-service checkout solutions are fairly new in the market. In terms of understanding the user experience, we did not have many references to look into. Hence, we worked on the customer's hypothesis, tested the ideas, implemented them and iterated them several times during the design and development process.
Key Features

Some of the features of Maifood- App and CMS

Kiosk App - POS

Customer front intuitive kiosk (POS) apps for ordering food and onboarding new food pictures for AI model training.

User Dashboards

Multi user dynamic dashboard available for Super User, Organisation specific user, Canteen Manager, etc. The dashboards also provide a quick look into important KPIs.


Onboarding new users, creating roles and grant different permission to multiple modules/features, assign users to new roles.

Module Configuration

Dynamic module settings which allows Super User to create module based configuration choices and configuration choice categories.

Product Management

In product management, you can onboard new products, add description and media. You can also set prices, availability statuses, link to millum, etc.

Order Management

Follow incoming orders data, gain detailed insights of orders - order time, order location, products, order status - paid or cancelled, etc. Download order receipt.

Site Management

Onboard organisation and building details, add canteens and tenants to the site.

Canteen Management

Add Canteens to the building or the site. Remotely manage the activity - app deployment, set active/inactive status for Kiosk, etc. Also, set opening hours, onboard products, etc.

Kiosk Management

Add and manage Kiosks. Connect Kiosk to the cloud using Kiosk id. Remote set active or inactive status for the kiosk. Check kiosk activity logs.

Tenant Management

Add and manage tenant company and tenant admins. Tenant Admins can assign tenant employees. Manage tenant specific discounts or food prices.

Smart Inventory

Automatically calculate profit ratio by calculating purchase and sales. Predict the losses earlier or lack of goods in time. Generate automatic purchase list.


Payment integrations - Izy payment service, VIPPS, Verifone for payment from card terminals, etc.

Client’s feedback

What our client says

I have been working with Barun and Resimator Oy over 3+ years and I have been happy with the professionalism and quality of the delivery. We are continuing to work with the team in the future as well.

Ole Aabel

Business Developer, Izy AS